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The need for in depth information is of greatest importance for the benefit of the survival of the humanity.



Today science is able to detect Hg in minute concentrations in the human body. Neurology has developed a lot the last decades and the knowledge on what Hg can do to the body is very detailed but still a lot can be learned.


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Science has gathered a lot of knowledge that still has to be accepted in every day decision making. The process of a scientific paradigm shift can be very slow and a lot of sensible changes that are for the best of mankind often take too long before they diffuse into our minds and become common knowledge.


A very important reason for this is not the shortage of knowledge, but the lack of courage to accept unpopular facts. There are a few but very powerful decision makers that stop the development of safe environments for humans and all other living creatures on this planet. Their driving force is personal greed. Also a fear of not to fit in or simply laziness makes people stay on ethically irresponsible tracks in their lives. It seems that the urge to follow authority is often stronger than the alarms of the inner warning bells. It is of course a lot more comfortable to stay in the main stream, than to confront your neighborhoods prejudice. The change of sides is even more problematic for persons who have built their whole careers on assumptions that with time have become pure lies.


Hopefully the truth for the very many scientists devoted to their tasks, will slip through our noisy day to day information tsunami.








Hg has been used for thousands of years, but still many people suffer from the lack of correct use. The dangers are not taken seriously enough.



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